Tea Coffee Mug Rug


Yeah, I am addicted to mug rugs. They are tiny quilts and I feel happy making them.

Tea Coffee Mug Rug 3

This one was for a swap. It had been long that I had done some embroidery. So I thought of doing some embroidery for these mug rugs.

Embroidery is something I like doing on weekend evening, watching a lovely Rom-com and sipping on some wine.

Tea Coffee Mug Rug 4

I combined it with my favourite log cabin block and these lovely twins were born.

Tea Coffee Mug Rug 2

Orange and green go so well with each other, don’t they?

Tea Coffee Mug Rug 1

Ah I seriously need to pick up some big quilting project soon.


Golden Elephants – Mug Rug


Elephants are cute. They are better if they hop around. And it is amazing if the jumping elephants are golden. 😀

As I was cleaning Ri’s cupboard one day, I came across this cute elephant stencil. Well, that was it. I just had to have a fabric with elephants on it. So I got around stenciling the elephants with gold fabric paint.

Hand Painted Elephants

Oh, they looked cute.

And again to satisfy my urge to quilt i made this lovely mug rug with the painted fabric.

Gold, hopping elephants mugrug

Gold Elephant Mug Rug

Oh,the joy of having jumping golden elephants! ❤




Origami is soothing. It is something that you can do absolutely anywhere. All you need is a paper. Which is why I call it, the ‘any time stress reliever’.

I was at work the other day and upset with something that happened. So I got out some paper from my drawer and started making these butterflies. (Instruction to make origami butterflies)


The peace it gave me, making them and placing them on my keyboard was amazing. I stared at them for a while and got back to work much refreshed.

And so, later, when I saw some paper cut butterfly lamps on Pinterest  I knew I had to do this with origami butterflies. It was so pretty that I didn’t even try changing the colours.



And now I have a bright and happy living-room. 🙂 ❤


Magnetic Fishes


Ri and I, both, had great fun with this one. I chanced upon this idea somewhere on Pinterest and it was stuck to my head.

So one lazy weekend afternoon, we got out some scraps of felt, got some magnets and got fishing.


It was pretty simple. I just cut out tiny fish shapes from the felt and started blanket stitching them together.


I then pushed a magnet inside them and and stitched then all around. Added tiny felt eyes to the fishes.


I got hold of a ribbon and stitched in a magnet at one end of it. (Yeah, I know. Extremely untidy stitching. But in my defense, it was a very, very lazy afternoon. :P)

I tied the other end of the ribbon to a rolling pin (Because I was lazy that afternoon to go hunting for a stick, remember? :|)


And… Yippee! The boy had fun all afternoon fishing, while I snuggled in with an Agatha Christie. ❤



Happy Orange Coasters



We need coasters. All the time. I think coasters and mug rugs are something I will never stop making.

Also, in some tiny corner of my heart, they help me satisfy my quilting urge. Yes, unfortunately with my day job, working on larger projects become difficult. My heap of UFOs just keep increasing to and extent that i feel I might drown in them some day. (I am sure, I would pretty much like that.) 😀




These lovelies were made from some leftover HSTs (Half Square Triangles) from another project. I just loved how quilting them in different patterns gave them so much character and individuality.


They are my favourites.

And then I couldn’t resist, so I made some more. 😀 ❤


The Big Picture



SSM is a sweetheart. Whenever he sees something crafty, he usually picks it up for Ri and me.

Sometime ago he found these big, handmade, colourful chart papers at a sale in a stationary store. Both Ri and I were excited to see them and we couldn’t wait to get crafty with them.

And one weekend we decided to make a big picture with one.




Paper cutouts of the clouds, the car, the tree, the farmhouse and the farmers.

Oh, we had fun.

This is one craft you have to, have to try with your little ones. Go ahead. ❤

Starry Pouch


This weekend Ri kept insisting that we do some fun craft. But my sewing machine has been crying for weeks and I really needed to spend some time with it.

And then I had a brainwave. I told Ri that we will do some potato stamping. He was excited. He wanted to do stars. So I carved out a star on a potato, attached some interface to a blue fabric, got some silver fabric paint and asked him to go for it.



Yeah. That was fun because who doesn’t like some glitter in life. And messy hands.

Once it was done, dried and ironed, I made it into a pretty starry pouch for him.




He was happy to get some crafting done. I was happy to get some sewing done. We were happy to have that lovely pouch. (And I enjoyed hand sewing the zipper down with red embroidery floss. <3)