DIY Space Ship – Tutorial


On Saturday morning Ri woke me up shouting, ‘crafting time, Mama. Wake up. Let’s check Pinterest. 😀

After negotiating with him and buying time for breakfast, we sat searching Pinterest. He said he wanted to make a space ship and I came across this lovely one from A Spoonful of Ideas. (She is one talented crafter. Do check her other posts.)

We made minor modifications and had our own lovely rocket to play with.

Spaceship Tutorial7

And here is how we make it.

We need

  1. Toilet roll
  2. Printed paper
  3. Two sided origami paper
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. Stickers/Beads/Glitter

Spaceship Tutorial

Start off with a toilet roll and wrap a pretty printed paper around it.

Spaceship Tutorial2

Spaceship Tutorial3

Cut a circle out of one of the origami papers (Be sure the circle is at least twice the size of the toilet roll in diameter.) and then cut it at the radius to roll it into a cone as shown in the picture above. Stick the cone in place.

Spaceship Tutorial1

Spaceship Tutorial2

Now add some glue to one side of the roll and stick the cone to it.

Spaceship Tutorial3

Spaceship Tutorial5

Next, take two different colour sheets of paper and cut out strips in both.

Spaceship Tutorial5

Stick the two sheets together

Spaceship Tutorial6

Spaceship Tutorial6

Now add some glue to the inside of the open end of the roll and stick the streamed paper around it.

Spaceship Tutorial8

Decorate it with stickers and glitter and you own an awesome spaceship to whooosh away with.

Spaceship Tutorial7

Ri was super happy with it and I cuddled up with a book occasionally glancing at him run around with the spaceship.

Happy Mama ❤


Love Triangles


Triangle pouch3

Some call them pyramid pouches, some, triangle pouches. I call them samosa pouches. I like the sound of that better. Or may be it is my love for the famous Indian snack. Yeah, salivating already.

Anyway. A rose by any other name…. The point is that I LOVE these pouches and I can’t get my self to stop making them. So I am just going to post the pictures of the ones that I made recently and leave you with a tutorial for the same. (Not mine).

Here it is. The tutorial. And here is another one.

triangle pouch7

triangle pouch6

triangle pouch5

triangle pouch4

Triangle pouch3

triangle pouch2

Triangle pouch1

Triangle pouch

Go ahead and fill the world with samosa pouches.

You will ❤ them.


Origami and Fairy Lights



Do you like origami? Do you love putting up fairy lights? Do you keep seeking for low cost home decor on Pinterest? Yes? Then you are just like me, and you have to go through this post.

Yes, I chanced upon this on Pinterest one day and it was a combination of everything I love.


So I  got out some pretty colourful paper – I used 4×4 inches squares, a string of fairy lights and there I was.

I stuck the fairy lights on the wall with scotch tape.

This is the origami balloons tutorial that I used.


The origami balloons were inserted in every alternate light.

Voila! It is the prettiest home decor ever.

This wall is the most appreciated bit in my drawing room every single time we have a visitor.

So go ahead and try one your self. ❤