Pine Cone Lights




Pine cones can be such an inspiration for a crafter. There are loads of wonderful things to make if you go check out Pinterest.

I remember having collected a whole lot of pine cones and they had been lying around for a while.

So finally on a crafty Sunday afternoon, Ri and I got around painting them with glitter.

Pine Cone Craft

Once painted we started deciding on whether we make a garland out of it or do we keep them in a bowl and use it as a center piece. Finally we decided to make it into a lamp.

Yes, we love lamps. 😀

Pine Cone Craft2

So we got out the fairy lights from last Diwali, an old forgotten vase that had once held my pet guppies and we mixed it up to make this wonderful lamp.

So, go on and make one for your self.


Oh, what happiness ❤