So my BFF moved to a different city and that makes me sad and yet happy for her. She is this crazy funny lady who loves pink. I did not have enough time to make her something before she left because, well, procrastination is a bitch. So at the last minute I whipped this up for her.


Super duper easy faux leather and felt coasters. Well they had to be grey and pink – her favourite combination. Though I did not get the right grey faux leather, which was a bummer, but these looked pretty too.


So all I did was to glue the faux leather and the felt with hot glue and cut it in 5 inch squares with my pinking shears.

Well they looked nice, but dull. So I added some yellow cross stitch embroidery to the corners and oh, that gave the coasters such a character.


Seriously just a little tiny bit of embroidery can change the look of anything to make it so beautiful, and this is the proof.

So go ahead. whip up some coasters of your own. Nothing like this little 15 minute craft if you are feeling crafty but falling short of time. ❤