Fabric Bookmark Tutorial.

7EA37541-A934-4A33-B3DF-1A8180F2045E  You know what your books love the most? A good bookmark. A good bookmark is your books companion till it gets read.

And you know that I make fabric bookmarks. Also I make crazy load of them because everyone who gets them from me loves them and want more. They have become my best selling product.


The good thing about fabric bookmarks is that they last forever. Except if eaten by your dog. (Ask me! 🙄)

So here is what I did. I decided to make a tutorial about making fabric bookmarks and I uploaded it as a class on Skillshare. Yay, my first video class!

I have also added a hand sewn option in case you do not have a sewing machine. 😁


So all of you who are already on Skillshare, do check out my class. It is my first one so be kind and also give me your feedback. I would love that!

And if you do not have a Skillshare membership, you have no idea what you are missing out on. You can access thousands of classes and learn so many new skills at just a minimal amount. So go on. Click HERE to get your first 2 months of membership for free. Start learning NOW!




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