Happy New Year


Happy 2018!


I am super excited for 2018. Yay!

I have crazy lot of expectation from this year. Life is gonna change! Yes!

I quit my day job to become a full time quilter. Many said that I was crazy to do that. They said I would regret it. They said it is okay to have hobbies, but then there is life…

And then there were few who said they were happy for me. That they believed in me. Thank You very much! I needed that confidence from you.

Well, I have started with a website. It is very basic and I will keep improvising it as we go. But it is a start. A place we’re people can go look what I have. They can communicate with me through it.

So do click here to check it out. I need feedback, people. Do tell me how can I make it better. Do tell me if you like it.

Thank you again. You will see way more of me here. I promise.

Till then, Good bye. Have a great year! 🤗🤗🤗



I did a workshop! I taught!



Okay! Before anything else, I am sorry that I was not around here for a looooooong time. You can totally kick me in the butt for that. I really have no excuse except that I was procrastinating being super lazy. 😦


Yeah. It has been really long. But the thing is I have also been making life changing decisions along with being lazy. And I have decided to take my creative bit seriously now.

A great chance came along with an invitation to conduct a workshop. This was by the lovely Prerna from Media Connect. I freaked out but I took it up. Because sometime in life we just need to face our fears. And I sure am glad I did.

sampurna 3

The second stall to your left, that’s mine!

It was going to be a hand sewing workshop at a stall in a banquet full of stalls, and i had 20 minutes to teach. So I picked up the easiest thing to teach – patch-worked coasters.

The expected foot-fall for the event was 200 between the two days and I had to make kits for all. Which was crazy again because I was being lazy till like two weeks into the event and then I panicked.

The kits I made for the patchworked coasters workshop. This had some fabric bits to be patched, some batting and a back fabric. :) #quilting #sewing #patchwork #workshop #teacher #quiltkit #coasters #colours #happiness #cute #handmade #makersgonnamake

Ri, my little boy, stamped those flowers out for me. 🙂

But with a little help from SSM, Ri and my mother, I managed to make these cute kits.

Each of the kits had four 3 inch squares, a 5.5 inch fleece batting, and a 6 inch backing fabric.

I picked fleece batting because of the ease it would provide in hand sewing.

I was invited to do a workshop where I taught patchworked coasters. It was fun. :) #modernquilt #quiltsofinstagram #potholder #pouches #mugrug #cushioncovers #workshop #applique #artquilt #teacher #tablerunner #slingbag #quilting #sewing #sewingwithkids #handmade #happiness #makersgonnamake #fabric #fabricart #trianglepouch

Doesn’t that look like a bright and happy stall!

This is what my stall looked like. I placed a few things I had made and were in stock just to give everyone an idea about what I make.

sampurna workshop

This felt good… everyone sewing together… Me just looking at everyone sewing… Letting out deep, happy sighs!


I had a very keen audience, eager to learn. I was happy to spread some sewing love. And many were happy to work on a craft they had never done before, or they had long forgotten after their school years.

That little boy made the best coaster.

I did get some good feedback which totally made my day. As well as boosted my confidence to a great new height.

sampurna 2

Love those happy faces.

It was a brilliant experience. And more than anything else, a huge learning for me.

Thanks to those who organised this and to those who took interest in learning this.

I plan to do a video tutorial for patchwork coasters soon so that anyone can come back and refer. I will try to upload it in my next post here. So come back.

at the end of the workshop

That is Ri and I at the end of the workshop. Ri is holding the coaster he made. 🙂

Till then, bye bye! Learn a new skill. Be creative. Have fun. ❤

Faux leather and Felt coasters – Tutorial


This gallery contains 4 photos.

So my BFF moved to a different city and that makes me sad and yet happy for her. She is this crazy funny lady who loves pink. I did not have enough time to make her something before she left … Continue reading

DIY Bowtruckle – Tutorial


So how many of you just loved Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them? Awesome wasn’t it? I saw it twice and I want to see it again. And I am totally in love with Newt. ❤

So watching it twice and dreaming about it all the time, I just had to make at least one, ONE of the creatures, right? 😀

SO WE MADE OUR OWN PET BOWTRUCKLE! And ours is almost as cute as Pickett. 🙂


And you can make one too because it is super simple.

All you need is a wire, glue gun, green colour. (I used acrylic) and green paper.

So first twist and turn the wires to get a branch shape that looks like it has two arms and 3-4 legs. (I made 5 because you can make your bowtruckle stand easily.)


Don’t worry if the joins are a little wobbly because that will be taken care of once you smear it with glue from the glue gun.

Now get your glue gun in action and start covering it up with glue all over. Make it a little thick towards the top end to make a bowtruckle face.


Once the glue is all dry, start painting it green. Or get your kid to do it like I did. Ri had fun painting this too.


Once the paint dries up, cut two tiny leaf shapes from a green paper and glue it to the head.

Make two tiny black eyes with black colour or sharpies and you are done.


Keep your bowtruckle in your pocket, or on the shelf.


Or on your Christmas tree. Though this one doesn’t seem to like that much. 😀


So go, you magical folks, go, make one today. And do let me know in the comments if you did make one. I would love to see the pictures. ❤

Halloween Origami Jack-o-lanterns



This has become our favourite Halloween decor. And we cant wait, come October and we have to get these lights up.

So this ends up being a part of our Halloween/Durga Puja/Diwali decor.

Super easy to make and oh, so much fun!


We take small square papers (orange or yellow) and fold them into origami balloons. I love fairy lights with origami balloons and use the often as home decor. You can see my post on them here. You can also find the tutorial to make this lovely lights there.


We then draw the jack-o-lantern face on the balloons before blowing into them, and voila! we are done.


Just as easy-peasy as that and looks lovely around your house.


Go make some of you own. Have fun. Do share the link to the pictures in the comment below if you do make them. ❤




Wands from Harry Potter – DIY Tutorial



The Wand chooses the Wizard – MrOllivander (Harry Potter)


This is a very special month for all us Potterheads. A very happy birthday month to J.K. Rowling and to Harry.

I have these two wonderful and super simple wand tutorials for you today. Hermione’s wand and the Elder wand. Here is the tutorial.


But the possibilities are many. So go on, click on the link below and get making your own wands.

Believe me, this is going to be a whole lot of magic and fun. ❤


Pine Cone Lights




Pine cones can be such an inspiration for a crafter. There are loads of wonderful things to make if you go check out Pinterest.

I remember having collected a whole lot of pine cones and they had been lying around for a while.

So finally on a crafty Sunday afternoon, Ri and I got around painting them with glitter.

Pine Cone Craft

Once painted we started deciding on whether we make a garland out of it or do we keep them in a bowl and use it as a center piece. Finally we decided to make it into a lamp.

Yes, we love lamps. 😀

Pine Cone Craft2

So we got out the fairy lights from last Diwali, an old forgotten vase that had once held my pet guppies and we mixed it up to make this wonderful lamp.

So, go on and make one for your self.


Oh, what happiness ❤