Happy New Year


Happy 2018!


I am super excited for 2018. Yay!

I have crazy lot of expectation from this year. Life is gonna change! Yes!

I quit my day job to become a full time quilter. Many said that I was crazy to do that. They said I would regret it. They said it is okay to have hobbies, but then there is life…

And then there were few who said they were happy for me. That they believed in me. Thank You very much! I needed that confidence from you.

Well, I have started with a website. It is very basic and I will keep improvising it as we go. But it is a start. A place we’re people can go look what I have. They can communicate with me through it.

So do click here to check it out. I need feedback, people. Do tell me how can I make it better. Do tell me if you like it.

Thank you again. You will see way more of me here. I promise.

Till then, Good bye. Have a great year! 🤗🤗🤗






I am happy to announce that I have been published.

Two of my short stories feature in these two anthologies.

I am super duper happy.


This is the second edition of First Brush On Canvas. It has a spooky, scary story written by me. It also has some other wonderful stories. So go ahead and buy a copy today.


My story in Curtain Call is a fantasy fiction (spooky, but cute) and one of the best ones I’ve written. It is still in the oven but you have the option to pre-book it now. So go ahead and do it right away.

Yay! This is exciting! ❤ 😀