Faux leather and Felt coasters – Tutorial


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So my BFF moved to a different city and that makes me sad and yet happy for her. She is this crazy funny lady who loves pink. I did not have enough time to make her something before she left … Continue reading

DIY Bowtruckle – Tutorial


So how many of you just loved Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them? Awesome wasn’t it? I saw it twice and I want to see it again. And I am totally in love with Newt. ❤

So watching it twice and dreaming about it all the time, I just had to make at least one, ONE of the creatures, right? 😀

SO WE MADE OUR OWN PET BOWTRUCKLE! And ours is almost as cute as Pickett. 🙂


And you can make one too because it is super simple.

All you need is a wire, glue gun, green colour. (I used acrylic) and green paper.

So first twist and turn the wires to get a branch shape that looks like it has two arms and 3-4 legs. (I made 5 because you can make your bowtruckle stand easily.)


Don’t worry if the joins are a little wobbly because that will be taken care of once you smear it with glue from the glue gun.

Now get your glue gun in action and start covering it up with glue all over. Make it a little thick towards the top end to make a bowtruckle face.


Once the glue is all dry, start painting it green. Or get your kid to do it like I did. Ri had fun painting this too.


Once the paint dries up, cut two tiny leaf shapes from a green paper and glue it to the head.

Make two tiny black eyes with black colour or sharpies and you are done.


Keep your bowtruckle in your pocket, or on the shelf.


Or on your Christmas tree. Though this one doesn’t seem to like that much. 😀


So go, you magical folks, go, make one today. And do let me know in the comments if you did make one. I would love to see the pictures. ❤

Halloween Origami Jack-o-lanterns



This has become our favourite Halloween decor. And we cant wait, come October and we have to get these lights up.

So this ends up being a part of our Halloween/Durga Puja/Diwali decor.

Super easy to make and oh, so much fun!


We take small square papers (orange or yellow) and fold them into origami balloons. I love fairy lights with origami balloons and use the often as home decor. You can see my post on them here. You can also find the tutorial to make this lovely lights there.


We then draw the jack-o-lantern face on the balloons before blowing into them, and voila! we are done.


Just as easy-peasy as that and looks lovely around your house.


Go make some of you own. Have fun. Do share the link to the pictures in the comment below if you do make them. ❤




Table Runners


I love making table runners because they are just quilts but smaller and easier to handle.


Sometimes the easiest of projects look the prettiest. And that is why these super simple square blocks joined together make up for my favourite runners.

I especially love using Indian block printed cotton fabric for these because, oh the colours. These can easliy brighten up any room. and I love their softness.

WP_20150712_11_32_46_Pro 1

They need a bit of starch before you get sewing them but the end result is always satisfying.

Also I love to go shopping for them.

I am not a great quilter and barely manage a stitch in ditch or straight lines. but this goes great with straight lines. 😀


I need to make more of these table runners again.

You can try some too. ❤




I am happy to announce that I have been published.

Two of my short stories feature in these two anthologies.

I am super duper happy.


This is the second edition of First Brush On Canvas. It has a spooky, scary story written by me. It also has some other wonderful stories. So go ahead and buy a copy today.


My story in Curtain Call is a fantasy fiction (spooky, but cute) and one of the best ones I’ve written. It is still in the oven but you have the option to pre-book it now. So go ahead and do it right away.

Yay! This is exciting! ❤ 😀


Wands from Harry Potter – DIY Tutorial



The Wand chooses the Wizard – MrOllivander (Harry Potter)


This is a very special month for all us Potterheads. A very happy birthday month to J.K. Rowling and to Harry.

I have these two wonderful and super simple wand tutorials for you today. Hermione’s wand and the Elder wand. Here is the tutorial.


But the possibilities are many. So go on, click on the link below and get making your own wands.

Believe me, this is going to be a whole lot of magic and fun. ❤